I have been writing for years and although the the idea of blogging have always allured me, I have always rendered it to be a time depleting hassle. But here I am, finally convinced and conquered to share what I do.

Different people assign me to different identities – I am officially a student of economics, unofficially one of the world, a film-maker, a poet, a photographer, a social activist, a development worker, a feminist, a journalist, but above all a humanitarian.

I like being on the run, adapting and creating a world where I see gap exists. Want to meet and change the world for the better judged upon consensus? I will be more than delighted. I will be equally so if you support one/many of the views and/or causes I devote my time to. Stay in touch!


1 thought on “Identity”

  1. i like your themes; i expected more in the future.

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