The darkness was drenched in the smoky mist of the moon
The moor silent to the silver rain breaking through the grunge green leaves
The stars peeked through; eyes staring from behind the black blanket of God
A blanket to ease the dreariness of men; a covering for us to hide.

Like us, the forest hid behind the dark covering,
Ashamed to open itself, ashamed to let the stars see it’s lie.
Oh the lie! How the stars scratched and rushed across the skies to learn of it
And how men yearned and let the lie become their life.

We made love there once, in the forest underneath the bright blinking stars
Our forest of dreams where we laid bare on the dews of the grassy knoll
My touches, like the late winter breeze made your thighs shudder
Us, enveloped in the magic of the forest, sheltered from all lies of men; we made love.

The forest whispered its lie to us that night,
It spoke of the magic it harbored, spells that could bind
Of enchantments and allures, wrapped in idyllic poises of adore
By the grassy knoll underneath the black blanket of white dots, it told us its lie.

It told us a tale of love, of love laid bare by the empty falls
Running past countless greens, past fuming fogs
Above running streams its voice we could hear
and often we heard a voice muffled with tear.

And while we heard the forest speak, leaves quivered and the stars stayed still;
You held me tight, like a lover’s quilt
Your lips were silver as the moon danced on your hips,
“I will never let you go,” you said, and the forest whispered, “She will.”

As we made love, the forest whispered through the night
It told us its beloved lie; tucked away from the lure of men
Sheltered it remained from the world, a secret to be lost;
A lovers’ tale, a lover’s lie, the tale of you and I.

Dated 14.11.12