They say eyes are for seeing. My eyes see the unhinging of the doors; of the ethereal fabric blazing with colors. Jade vaulted with sapphire toppled with sea green fading to cherry lavender – they blaze for eternity, floating like endless desire.

They say when you close your eyes, you see darkness. I see fabricated blackness of swiveling colors set ablaze! Colors forming waves; foaming waves crashing, tumbling by the shore, running atop one another. When I close my eyes, I see darkness as fabricated, a frame of overflowing colors from every inch.

They say eyes are for the living. My eyes live in colors. They see colors forming smiles, curves in the eyes, the kinks of the cheeks; colors making people blush, transforming into fingers pushing her hair behind her right ear. I see colors in people’s eyes bathing, talking, and loving. I see colors forming life.

I say eyes are for holding. Eyes are for holding colors. Colors of the ethereal fabric that float in endless. The ethereal fabric that paints all that there is, including you. I see it painting. Many times, only you.

Dated 21.10.12