It has been so long since my last post that I almost forgot that I have a blog. Here is my attempt at re-entering the blogosphere.

You come to me as a winter’s gale
A tempest surging through my thoughts;
My incoherent thoughts that are now in consonant
Fixated upon the surges of your adore
that willfully has swept through my lands.
My lands no longer contain glistening sands
But vast fields of kashphul, dressed in their white elegance
Dancing with the azure blue hands of your surges
and your tempest; and amidst all this, you stand.
You stand in white within the fields of opulence
Carefree within my thoughts, vigilant within my affection,
My affection that now rests mesmerized, winged within
the tempest that you have brought into my lands.
Oh, the tempest!
You have come to me as a soothing winter’s gale,
a fond tempest that have swept through my soul.

Dated 23.06.12