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It has been a long while that I have last updated my blog. The shooting for Finding Bangladesh 2 has begun and it has been keeping me obsessively occupied most of the time.

Amidst all the chaos, road-trips & insanity, here is a photo-feature along with a poetry piece that was done roughly a year ago, but only recently post processed and completed. Hope you like it!

Poem & Photography: Adnan M. S. Fakir
Model: Tabassum Anila Hridi
Mehedi Design: Tasneem Karim
Body Paint: Farah Tarannum

Here is the entire poem based on which the photo-feature is done:

Dressing Your Skin

Let colors drape your burdened skin
Of black tinted green, vaulted with lime
and azure blues that have crept along
the foamy waves of your sandy shore;

Let the colors chase your dreams
where my fingers have once traced your skin;
stemming from your chaste eyes
running along my kisses down your cheek
to the edge of your lower lip
sprouting branches of avarice and lust
that you smolder with care
gratifying the gluttonies of sin.

Dress your skin with untiring fervor
along the path where my fingers
once trickled along your sly bosom
crunching those naïve desires for love.

Beseech your bare back with the crude elegance
of raw henna spawning its embodiment,
its yearns for the touch of a loved,
and drown in its guilt painted down
to the tip of your spine,
wrapping you in shivers and tingles,
abusing the shy curves of your back
till it blooms to ruby red;

when all but I, will be envious,
incensed and craved for your touch.