We have finally started working on Finding Bangladesh 02, a documentary series focusing on the historical sites of Bangladesh while bringing histories, myth, legends & folk-lore back to life. Please visit http://www.findingbangladesh.com for more information on Finding Bangladesh 01, which was released in August 2008.

In the film series we travel using an unique amphibious vehicle, a boat attached with wheels, that we design and build ourselves and lovingly call “Damzel in Distress.” DID in short, and yes, Damzel with a “z.”

Just today we were planning on a new Damzel in Distress for Finding Bangladesh 02, an upgrade from the old DID. With blueprints still being prepared, we have decided that for now we will be addressing the new one as DID 2.0. The idea behind the vehicle is to give the film series an identity of itself, a mascot if you will, and so far, that has happened brilliantly! Let’s pray that we can pull off a better one for Finding Bangladesh 02.

Here is a brief overview of Damzel in Distress, as it were in Finding Bangladesh 01.

A ride back in time: The D.I.D. 01 Profile

With its luxurious length of 8.31 feet, the Damzel in Distress (DID) 01 is an imperfectly balanced combination of seriously low-powered pedal performance with a very attractive and buoyant woody design.

The DID 01 uses the same launch control mechanism as F1 rickshaws to reach maximum traction force from its first gear to first gear and up to 11 km/h in less than 10 minutes!

Even with over 300 kgs cradled around its body, it can dash through water like a speeding hawk… almost.

It exploits the full range of available manpower feet potential for braking and deceleration from its top notch 17 km/h to a halt in just 2 minutes 17 seconds, which drastically reduces to 0.143 second in case of an existent wall.

At complete standstill, the magnificent visual aesthetics is made visible by its impressive decaying boat elevated majestically above the chassis.

Simultaneously the DID 01’s bold proportions, non-balanced surfaces, and rough lined structures give an impression of pure sleek elegance.

So join us in our hunt for history in a manner never sought before.

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Here is an article in the Daily Star with the details about the making of the DID: http://www.thedailystar.net/rising/2008/06/03/center.htm