She was an odd one at first glance it did seem,
Like a lathe she did knurl and drill every spew of lust
Every sparkle of every glimmer any eye would bestow
On her flushing skin saturated with pride and dignity.
Yet even among the minute scouring of rush
Of swarms of mechanical minds swagging through
the untidy clockwork of punctual train schedules,
Eyes befell her like eyes would on the rare purple haze of sunset.
She stood there, pretentiously oblivious
Arms curled into a cross resting securely right above her belly button
Eye brows raised like writhing in detest of the unwelcome stares
Scrutinizing each like a sophisticated critic at a restaurant
Where every man was a poorly salted, oil soaked meager meal.
The minute hand swayed at its pace from two to ten
When at last she smiled; her three inch Martinez Valero heels clanked
As she rushed to hug for whom she reservedly waited.
Her smile was simple and delightful, her kiss tender but swift.
The unwelcome glares remained unwelcome,
but her pout lips now dented with a smile of ease.

Dated 22.06.09