Life for me began when the stars and the moon

colluded to swirls around clouds painting dreams

and thoughts accustomed to ambiguity.

Prevalent company pondered the sillies of life

while moments wavered past like smoke rising

though a chimney, leaving charcoal taints

along its path of frank honesty.

Mind bewildered with breaths that gave rise

to mists accompanying the chills of the night;

the dark spots of her eyes built around me

a cascade of flourishes, castles of matchsticks

lit to lift that haze of the mist

my own breathing conjured.

My exhales succinctly became senile,

my eyes corrupt; it no longer dazed

on the dancing flickers of the stars or the

proud silent poise of the moon,

but on the poignant dark spots of her eyes.

Dated 22.09.10