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The following photo-feature, or rather photo-poetry, was done as a feature for the inaugural issue of the “Groove” magazine of the Daily Sun. The issue was released on the 4th of January, 2011.

Poem, Concept & Photography: Adnan M. S. Fakir
Mime: Mashrur Rahman
Make-Up: Anika Ali
Typeset: Md. Delwar Hossain

The following is the poem:

I am an apple.
A red luscious apple with shades of yellow,
Served on a silver platter
Sauced with canned liquors of drools from tongues of liars.

I was skinned and peeled and ripped to taste
Jagged and rigged and primed and marinated,
My crème was savored for bandits who were cast
My name repeated by kings and pigs that were stuffed.

I was plucked by hands that dripped in blood
Black teeth snickered and sunk into my heart
Crushed by canines that ate jackals and queens
Watched by malignant eyes of traitors and thieves.

My ashes were thrown into rivers of sin
Pondered by souls lost in guilt.
My grave sunk deep in lost pages of honesty
Raped and gagged by knights of modern humanity.

I was an apple.
A red luscious apple with shades of yellow.
I craved for a mouth to speak
For a voice not tortured; not weak.

I wanted the mime to speak.

Dated 30.09.10

This photo-feature is also scheduled to be published as part of my upcoming book “Canvas.”