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I will give you endless bouquets of velvet delphinium
Of aggravated violet wrapped in silken aqua,
Pluck its every four petals, mangle drops of its crowded nectar
and bit by bit smear the fragrant sugars over your wintry skin,
limb by limb, from your white lips to your closed eyelids.
Like in prayer I will crumble your arms resting on your swollen belly
and on tea leaves I will rest your soul to your collapsed breathes
Enclosed in a wooden chamber as your chariot.

In processions I shall march, somber and candid
Carrying you on my shoulders wrapped in white and among delphiniums,
I shall sing prayers in silence and songs aloud
Drums will roll and I shall dance with you once and forever more.
Soon the time will come when I shall cast your casket away
Drop your scented heavy flesh in a hole among dark cold mud,
I will stash slanted bamboo and leaves to cover your sight
and walk away in reverence;

the bouquets of velvet delphinium rotting on your beside.

This poem has been used as a part of a literary play I had written by the name of “C’est la Vie”, finished in the month of January, 2011.