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You were like a smile drawn out on a bucket of quiet water
Still yet relentless, and solemnly fading;
Like strangers we smiled, like strangers we walked past
Our eyelashes glancing, our necks urging to turn;
at times they did; but more often they remained
afraid of not knowing what to say, and what not to say.
You remain as a tinted reflection on the glass cover of a microwave
as I walk towards your leisured shoulders,
your pupils slowly dilating, your hair swiftly turning
when my fingers barely curve to a wave, and your lips ripple to a smile.
You remain as un-braided hair flushing through white window shutters,
as well-dressed eyes shadowed by washed out cardinal-dyed hair;
You remain as adored quickening heart beats and smiles with stuttering words,
and a person who stumbles a dent on my lower face, half faded
much like a smile drawn out on a bucket of quiet water.

Dated 26.11.08