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In the third week of October 2009, I had the opportunity to attend the book launching of “The Idea of Justice” by Amartya Sen at Harvard Faculty House, Boston. Today I found myself going back to the concepts explored in that ingenious book and reflecting on many of the atrocities, especially related to students, occurring on a daily basis in my country – more specifically I focus on the following three:

The case of Six students beaten by a mob.
The case of Rumana Manzur.
The case of Mahbub and Dowry.

Simply going through Daily Star‘s Archive in just the four issues, I was shocked to see so many such un-humanitarian events become a normal day-to-day jargon. Selected cases related to students are cited below:

A friend of mine, deeply moved, recently asked me to write about ‘where has our humanity gone?’

I will diligently do so at some later point when I find enough free time, and will update you. For now, I thought reading the book might benefit those too troubled by these incidents. Word of caution though, this book is not for reading in the very light of manner, and although it does not deal directly with the cited incidents, its idea of justice provides good insight.

Click here to read a review of the book I had written earlier on.

Sen’s alternative focuses more on the removal of manifesting injustice on which we all rationally agree and the advancement of justice from the world as we see, instead of looking for perfection, which Sen points out, can never be attained.