Her right palm painted dark green and the left crimson red, the kid snickered as her gum showed pink through the empty sockets of her recently fallen central incisors. She looked delighted and ready to paste her painted hands on the next person she sees!

Luckily, it was not me. I ran.
She wasn’t the only one ecstatic and sugar high – on the 15th of July, Project Renewal continued its steps towards its goals and held a unique art competition, organized by House of Volunteers (HoV) at BRAC University with roughly thirty students from Utsho Bangladesh – an organization working with and for under privileged students. The bulks of the students ranged from playgroup to kindergarten and were adorably well mannered (minus the brilliantly rowdy part with the paints).

The art competition was unique in a two main ways. First of all, the paper used in the art competition were hand-made, recycled from part kochuripana (water hyacinth) part used paper in a previous workshop held under the same banner by high-school to college level students! The Utsho kids attacked the recycle paper with pastels some without mercy, and some very cautiously. Secondly, the art competition, without any specific topic, was designed to uphold the creativity of the children – to let their imagination go rampant and wild!

And wild it went.

The paintings ranged from smiling green suns, skinny monkeys jumping on water, unrecognizable water creatures, sunsets through windows against bright blues skies, and fishes swimming on grass to even dazzling red parrots and cricket balls; all while having the usual flavor of green and red patriotism. It was simply remarkable!

Soon after came the extreme entertainment! Getting your hands wet and colorful – green, red, yellow and blue were the colors of the day and the kids maintaining a fine line like a train, dipped their hands (some little hands were painted on) and gave their prints on paper and cloth. A banner with little hands painted on it was also made on spot bearing the project identity and the kids loved every drop of paint! Finally after memories were snapped into pictures and love exchanged, it was time to say goodbyes and to part.

The paintings will be used to create innovative cards directed towards making the project itself sustainable. If you are not familiar with project renewal, it is a student based endeavor aiming at community development on various levels while focusing primarily on environment and education. The project is being organized by House of Volunteers (HoV) at BRAC University (www.houseofvolunteers.org) with One Degree Initiative (www.1di.org) and Finding Bangladesh (www.findingbangladesh.com) as partners. In total, there are approximately 150 young volunteers involved in this massive project! For more information, please search “Project Renewal Bangladesh” in Google or Youtube.

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